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(51CTO official LinuxQQ group (28104153), please enter the ID for verification information. Students who learn C are strongly recommended to download! This book includes three parts: Introduction to C language, essence of C language, and Linux system programming. This book started out as one of the textbooks tailored for the Embedded Linux System Engineer Workshop course. This course is a four-month full-time industry training. Students are required to have solid C programming skills when they graduate, be able to use Linux systems proficiently, and have a good understanding of computer system structure and command set, operating system principles and device drivers. deeper understanding. However, the level of students at the time of admission is very elementary and the good and the bad are mixed: the academic qualifications include junior colleges, undergraduates and postgraduates, majors are related to computer and some are very unrelated (such as accounting), and the industries they have been engaged in are related to technology and some are completely different. Related (eg HR), ranging in age from twenty to thirty-five or six years old. So many people with completely different backgrounds, completely different foundations, and completely different thinking habits and comprehension abilities come to the same class. We are all eager to learn embedded development technology and join the IT industry. This is the characteristic of industry education. This is the first question I need to think about when writing this book. Learning to program is by no means easy, especially for beginners with zero basics. The computer major of the university has four years to cultivate a person from scratch, calculus, linear generation, random, discrete, combination, automata, compilation principle, operating system, computer composition principle, etc. There are piles of basic courses, plus C /C  , Java, database, network, software engineering, computer graphics, etc. piles of professional courses, and finally cultivate a student who can find a job. It is a pity that many campuses did not do well in this final one. Many students who came to Yazhi for training have learned this way in four years, but according to our examination, their foundation is almost zero, and I do not know why. In stark contrast, giving us only four months, the same request starts from scratch, and eventually cultivates a student who can find a job, and also guarantees that he can find a job, which is the characteristic of industry education. ......
One-stop learning of LinuxC programming 6.14.pdf


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